In that tiny home studio is where the music is developed/written/made (whatever you want to call it). This is the place where you can listen to it. Send me an e-mail if you have any suggestion, criticism, question or advise. My motto is "learning all the time".



The studio....


This is the part where I want to take you down in my music, the part where you can listen to it.
Up till now I had my first official release with several streaming services, published under the name:
Steve Lind (Courtesy of Nothing New Project), look for it on SPOTIFY or down below.

But of course also available/downloadable at iTUNES,
or other streaming services like DEEZER and TIDAL.

My second release is also available in my own store.
If you want to download it just press the cart in the player below.... have fun!

And here we've come to the place where I post demo's of what I'm doing right at this moment.
Zo return and check on a regular basis if you like it to here what I'm working on, and perhaps give your opinion?

Machine drone.

A diffirent love song

The long wait.

Journey thru...

Want to stay in touch?

Just send me a

If you want to eplore more but slightly older music I made just visit Soundcloud. These songs do not represent my rescent way of work but I still like them,
even though my music is different these nowadays, more ambiental, downtempo.
And perhaps you might like THIS or THIS. Bepaal het zelf en "let me know".



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