Playing the bass began around '74/'75 for me with my first cheap 4 string JB imitation. That slowly over the years turned into this you see here......



Bass.... how it started!

Somewhere in time I got guitar from my mom and dad and an amplifier from my brother, I own them still. A few years later I got in contact by accident with a shortscale Fender bass. And then I knew "this is my instrument". In those days I listened to those big black "CD'S" and that's how I ran into the music by "Japan around '78/'79. Those boys with that extravagant appearance changing and evolving the looks AND the music almost daily. The bass player Mick Karn (R.I.P.) played a fretless WALL bass. With an exceptional sound and outstanding technique which I strated to copy. So I had to buy me a fretless bass myself, an Ibanez MC 924. (Which I never should sold, shame on me....). Another bass player I admire a lot because of his fretless techniques is PINO PALLADINO .

Anyway up on till today I still play fretless basses but due to me playing in bands as well I also play fretted basses with the finger-picking style. All 5 string basses with a low "B".

Somewhere in time I switched from 4 string basses to 5 string basses and never wanted to go back. The fumky hamer on techniques like Mark King (Level 42) does are not within my reach or powers, so I leave that to him and others.

Why do I do what I do....

Just for the fun of it all. Composing or performing? As long its making music, its fine by me.


I've done a lot of performances, great big or tiny small and everything in between. Gebr. De Nobel, Tripodia, Musicon, Blues café Apeldoorn, festivals big and small. Large bars and pubs to very small ones. I've done them all. (Mainly covers btw.) With all kinds of special and great musicians. But then there is that 1 performance, the one that stays with you for the rest of your life, and that was in Carre, Amsterdam. To me? Legendary! 2 hrs later on that same stage there was mr. Van Morrison playing and performing. Mind you this says nothing about my skills or whatever but it says everything about my bucket list.... ;-) One only realises later on how special that particular performance was.

Nowadays I play in a coverband called Los Zand.
For an impression what I do? LOOK HERE or HERE (vanaf 1:34).



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